Resorbable, synthetic bone graft blocks with a highly interconnected porous matrix


ReproBone® blocks are indicated for use as bone graft substitutes for the repair of non-load bearing aseptic osseous defects.

Volume stable ultra high porosity

Over 80% porosity allows rapid bone ingrowth throughout the interconnected porous structure. ReproBone® blocks maintain bone volume throughout the whole repair and regeneration process. They provide support without significantly limiting natural bone density. The microporosity within the HA/├č-TCP structure assists the transfer of essential nutrients.


Osteoconductive scaffold supports early vascularisation and rapid bone regeneration throughout the implant. With a composition similar to the mineral component of human bone ReproBone® undergoes complete resorption at a controlled rate.

Easy application

ReproBone® is available as blocks, wedges, cylinder and disc with a large range of convenient sizes. They can be easily shaped with surgical instruments to more closely fit the bone defect.