Unique innovative injectable matrix combining the activity an osteostimulative* carrier with longer term support of porous micro-scaffolds.


ReproBone® fusion is indicated for use as a bone graft substitute for the repair of non-load bearing aseptic osseous defects of long bone and extremities as well as for the filling of spinal cages. Its mouldable and firm texture is especially suitable for the filling of bone defects that require longer term support and volume stability.

Injectable granulated paste

The putty-like volume stable viscosity allows easy and accurate application of the granulated paste. Excellent contact with the viable bone surface maximises the bone implant interface. The sticky non-setting formula supports bone regeneration by encouraging rapid cell ingrowth throughout the healing process.
Prepacked in the syringe, the paste is easy to inject with no pre-mixing or preparation required. Simply remove the cap and apply directly into the defect. Optional cannulas are provided. ReproBone® fusion can also be mixed with bone marrow aspirate and/or autologous bone prior to application.

Multiphasic regenerative activity

An enhanced activity profile from the unique multiphase composition of nano, micro and macro structured material supports and encourages formation of new bone whilst maintaining volume. Such volume stability is particularly suitable for spinal surgery.


The highly active matrix attracts and adsorbs biomolecules onto the surface to create an optimal microenvironment that promotes new bone formation. Over time the material is gradually replaced by mature bone.