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ReproBone™ bone graft
substitutes are manufactured in granular and paste forms.
The chemical composition of their matrices is very similar to that found in human cancellous bone and acts as an ideal scaffold for bone support and regeneration.


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Ceramisys Orbital Implants are comprised of either porous synthetic, medical grade, Hydroxyapatite, or Aluminium Oxide Alumina, have a controlled microstructure designed to support soft tissue ingrowth and are available in a range of convenient sizes.

The device is manufactured using a proprietary synthetic
process which allows the production of highly porous, fully
interconnected ceramic matrix very similar in nature to that
found in human cancellous bone.

The macro porous structure serves as an ideal scaffold
allowing rapid and complete soft tissue penetration throughout the entire implant. The device is permanent and will not resorb.
The porous microstructure allows the flow of nutrients and
supports the soft tissue ingrowth. The device is mechanically stable and non friable whilst the material can easily be drilled to accept a motility peg.

Orbital Implants by Novamed, from Ceramysis

  • Fully biocompatible / bioinert ceramic matrix which serves as a scaffold for rapid soft tissue ingrowth
  • Synthetic material, fully reproducible and controlled
  • Optimised for rapid and complete tissue infiltration
  • Full and permanent integration
  • Resists migration
  • High Strength and can easily be drilled for a motility peg
  • Exhibits far better movement than traditional implants
  • Less lower lid sagging

Ceramisys Orbital Implants are available in spheres, ranging
from 14mm-22mm diameter in 1mm increments to suit any size socket and results in a much more realistic movement and appearance than traditional methods.

The Ceramisys Orbital Implant division has teamed up with
Novamed Limited, the UK's major distributer of Orbital Implants to exclusively supply the Ceramisys Orbital Implant in the UK and to appoint partners for international distribution.