Bone Graft Substitute  
Ceramisys ReproBone Implantable Synthetic Bone Graft Substitutes Manufacturing synthetic bone substitutes at Ceramisys

ReproBone™ bone graft
substitutes are manufactured in granular and paste forms.
The chemical composition of their matrices is very similar to that found in human cancellous bone and acts as an ideal scaffold for bone support and regeneration.


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Ceramisys is located in Sheffield, England, and
focuses on manufacturing innovative biomaterials
and medical implants. Ceramisys has developed a
portfolio of implantable products for bone grafting
and oculoplastic surgery.
Working closely with reseach institutions such as
the Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering,
and the School of Clinical Dentistry, at the nearby
University of Sheffield, along with several other UK
and European institutions Ceramisys is able to rapidly
develop it’s innovative products and processes.
We are BSI accredited with Full Quality Assurance
and our systems are compliant with BS EN ISO
13485:2003. All Ceramisys implants carry the
CE Mark certificate of quality (Class III).